Prosciutto Makers since 1919

Our Family

famiglia Fontana quarta generazione

In 1919, Attilio Fontana (1893-1970) took over the Antica Salumeria Zanella of Montagnana from his uncle Girolamo “Momi” Vecchietti.

As the firm grew, it rapidly expanded its activities, passing over to Attilio’s children Angelo Luigi (1921-1962) and Giovanni (1923-2014). After the premature death of his brother, Giovanni committed himself to the family business, which he run alone for a while.

In the early 1980s, Giovanni brought his children Attilio, Giorgio and Pietro into the family business, who gradually accompanied the firm’s transition to the third generation.

Today, our adventure continues under the careful guidance of the founder’s grandchildren who have already brought Giacomo – 4th generation – into the firm. In this way, he will begin to learn the family business secrets and preserve the tradition started by his great-grandfather Attilio, ensuring that his spirit lives on.