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Our classic prosciutto “Attilio Fontana Montagnana” is matured for at least 18 months, while the Riserva for no less than 24 months. It is available whole on the bone, in sizes ranging from 9 to 11 kg, or deboned, pressed or hand-tied, in sizes varying from 6,6 to 8,2 kg. You can also find it in portions, vacuum-packed and weighing approximately 1,6 to 3,9 kg. Taste prosciutto dolce Fontana finely sliced to fully enjoy its qualities – it will melt in your mouth, and its distinctive low salinity will make you perceive all its aromas and delicate flavour.

The fresh legs selected from the slaughterhouse are entirely processed in our current plant in Montagnana, equipped with the latest employee and food safety technology. Our production is still traditionally artisan. Every stage of the leg processing – from salting to maturing – takes place on site, taking advantage of the unique microclimate of Montagnana with alternating dry and wet periods. The leg is processed only by adding very little sea salt, without preservatives and flavourings, and it naturally develops the white patina visible on the surface. This precious meat protein is tasteless and does not change the organoleptic qualities of the product.

Our prosciutto

Il prosciutto Veneto DOP con osso

Veneto DOP on the bone

Veneto DOP on the bone: the Prosciutto Veneto DOP in its classic form. We mature and refine it in our cellars for at least 18 months.

Il prosciutto Veneto DOP disossato

Deboned Veneto DOP

The deboned Veneto DOP, pressed or hand-tied, vacuum-packed. It presents the same characteristics of the on-the-bone version, and it meets the needs of practicality and speed of the latest forms of distribution.

I tranci di prosciutto Veneto DOP

Veneto DOP portions

The portions of Prosciutto Veneto DOP are intended for family use. Small in size, they are vacuum-packed and allow the prosciutto to be savoured in the best conditions, just thinly sliced, so that it can melt in the mouth.

La dichiarazione nutrizionale

dichiarazione nutrizionale prosciutto Fontana

The Nutrition Declaration of the average values of our production shows the very low quantity of salt – indication of an extraordinarily sweet prosciutto – the excellent protein and energy intake, and the limited presence of saturated fats. These characteristics make Prosciutto “Attilio Fontana Montagnana”, matured for at least 18 months, suitable for all diets because of its high digestibility.

It is gluten-free, not only in its ingredients, but also in its external protective “stucco”, which makes it an ideal product for celiac consumers.

Our Prosciutto contains only Italian heavy pork leg and salt. With no preservative, additive or flavouring, it is one of the healthiest foods on the market.