Prosciutto Makers since 1919

Experience and Professionalism

Il prosciutto Veneto DOP con osso in morsa

Thanks to our more than 100 years of experience, Attilio Fontana Prosciutti plays a central role in Montagnana and in the Veneto Region. Since its establishment in 1919, our family has always run the firm, which stands as the leading producer of this traditional cured meat that represents Veneto excellence all over the world.

We have always paid attention to the production process, and produce a high-quality artisan specialty entirely made in the cellars of our plant in Montagnana. Thanks to our careful approach to product protection, Attilio Fontana Prosciutti has been a key player in the disciplinary drafting, strictly connected to the Prosciutto Veneto DOP brand. We therefore ensure a controlled supply chain and a traditional processing of legs, all coming from selected heavy pig breeds of the area.

We follow all stages of production first-hand and have maintained our founder Attilio’s management style, focusing not only on the product and its supply chain, but also on sustainability and technological development, thereby ensuring a still craft production.

Innovation and Tradition

Alongside the cutting-edge preservation and maturing technologies, we hand down tradition and manual skills. To this day, the main processing is still undertaken by the skilled master craftsmen trained according to the ancient customs of Montagnana.

The production process is carried out in compliance with strict food and employee safety standards, as well as with the provisions of the Product Specifications. The entire preparation, maturing and refinement processes take place in our historic plant in via Campana.

By its very nature, a product granted with the PDO status has to preserve the traditional know-how acquired over time and the specific link to its place of production. In a climate strongly characterised by excessively homogeneous conditions – such as in the high mountains or by the coast – a prosciutto could never acquire its characteristic softness and fragrance, which have made the Veneto DOP renowned. Not surprisingly, it has found its ideal location in Montagnana and its surroundings.

stabilimento Attilio Fontana

In this way, our Prosciutto Veneto DOP has maintained the same taste for over a hundred years.